Bronze Apollon archer

Vincenzo Gemito


With a very fine carving and transparent and nuanced patina, this Apollo archer measures 32 cm without wooden plinth, 34.5 with 22 wide.
Has the signature V. Gemito and 4/10 numbering. The quiver is mobile and melted apart, just embedded.

Having missed the Gemito exhibition in Paris, I should go see it in Naples.
Vincenzo Gemito was born in Naples in 1852 and died in 1929 in the same city which influenced him in the depths of himself despite his Parisian or Roman stays.
His famous “Little Neapolitan fisherman” obscured the rest of his work, however prolix, like this bronze subject rather according to the Antiquity with which his City abounds.
I remade photos in artificial light to give a better idea of the quality of the object.
Do not hesitate to ask us for photos or additional information by email or phone.

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