Drizzle over the Rhune 1903

Gabriel Roby


Oil on canvas 50 X 61 cm dated 1903 (!), Mounted in a carved and gilded wooden frame circa 1900, 67 X 76 cm, slightly bumpy and showing wear. Two small restorations very well done, invisible from the front.

As I said about Charles Ogier, whose works we regularly present, one of the greatest challenges, but also one of the greatest satisfactions of our profession as art dealers is to rediscover a painter who has been forgotten but whose talent is indisputable and of put it back in the spotlight for the greatest joy of amateurs. This surprising modernity painting that we offer is the work of Gabriel ROBY, a wonderful Basque painter who studied at Bonnat and died too young at the front.

For those who only know the Basque country with the blue sky postcard on the ocean with lively waves of surfers, ask yourself the question of why it is so green! This “drizzle on the Rhune” with a muted palette of violins and greens, bronze or Veronese, is incredibly modern, as much by the subject, bold, as by the Japanese composition close to its contemporaries Nabis … La Rhune, emblematic mountain of the Basque Country is a bit sacred for its inhabitants, in a way the Mount Fuji of the Basque Country!

Do not hesitate to ask us for photos or additional information by email or phone. See also our “Vulture Cliff” of the same. In partnership with Galerie Lafouresse, we are specialists in paintings on the Basque Country, the Landes and the Arcachon Bassin.

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