Canal in Venice

Antoine Bouvard


Pseudonym of Eloi-Noël Beraud who also signed under the name of Marc Adline “View of Venice” oil on canvas 50 X 65 cm, mounted in a restored regency style gilded frame 68 X 81 cm .
Circa 1930.
Architect by training, he made a trip to Venice one day and immediately fell under the spell of the Serenissima where he returned regularly all his life, choosing to change profession to paint it in all its aspects and its special light. His initial job made him grasp the monumentality of the Palaces on the Canal  and his infallible eye captured the fleetingness of the lights or the reflections in the water.
Here, the Canal is animated by Gondolas, one of which is covered for lovers, the Campanile of St. Mark’s Square in the background and under a sky inhabited by pink clouds, the facades of the “Ca” are reflected in the water…
A facade bordering a rio is illuminated through the trees whose foliage protrudes from its neighbor, painting them with the rich shades of decrepit plaster …
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In partnership with the Galerie Lafouresse, we are specialists in paintings on the Basque Country, the Landes and the Arcachon Basin.


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