The funeral vigil

Original terracotta

22 X 45 X 12 cm approximately.
Accidents and losses, especially on the terrace, but also in the hair of the young man. An inscription engraved on the terrace: 1703, this one probably relating to the subject and not to the date of execution which I think rather of the romantic period around 1830/40. In the famous dead of that year, there was the famous “Iron Mask” which was believed to be sometimes the twin of Louis XIV, sometimes his illegitimate son, but, although the face of the dead is covered with ‘a veil, I do not retain this idea, leaning rather for the death of a woman whose husband and son stand on the left, supporting each other, while a young woman weeping on the right could be the girl, a mourner standing at the head of the bed. Probably a modello of a mortuary monument which I don’t know if it was made.
Despite the subject, the strength of the execution, the correctness of the attitudes and expressions make it an engaging work which received a lot of love as evidenced by the veil modeling the face through its folds which shows the marks of many caresses…
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