The rainbow catcheur 1984

Vérorique Wirbel

1950 – 1990

Mixed media triptych on paper mounted on original canvas 162 X 130, 162 X 113, 162 X 130 cm, mounted in boxes American for total dimensions in juxtaposed of 168 X 390 cm, signed and dated 1984. Two small “sunken” without gravity easily restorable. There are encounters which, a posteriori, seem obvious to you. So it is with the work of Véronique Wirbel, tragically disappeared at barely 40, teeming like a child’s imagination, colorful like the fabrics of Africa that she knew well from having spent her childhood there and communicative of ‘a joy that apparently, alas! she didn’t share… Of course, we could find her relatives with Corneille, Basquiat or Aloise, but she was Wirbel, quite simply. This painting, reproduced on a double page in the book dedicated to it at FUS-ART, comes from the personal collection of the gallery owner who made it discover in New York. We are constantly looking for the works of this artist. Do not hesitate to ask us for photos or additional information by email or phone.


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