The falled warrior

19th century

Oil on canvas of great quality, it is also served by its exceptional dimensions : 97 X 130 cm
Thanks to the scholarship of two Internet users, I am able to specify my text below: As those who follow my acquisitions know, I often have nudes and portraits.
On this theme constantly renewed, everyone gives his interpretation and thus reveals more his style and I like it and stimulates me a lot …
If the pose may seem incongruous (no, Jean-Bruno, it is because he has legs heavy it has put them in the air !), this painting is probably a replica of the “Hector”, painting representing the famous hero of the Trojan War while he has just been defeated by Achilles, painted by Jacques-Louis David, a work in the Musée Fabre in Montpellier, but which is paradoxically almost better known by a copy in the Louvre.
Ours being closer to this one.
If I waited a long time for this huge academy at the restaurant, the result was worth it: it was cleared up to cleaning and small accidents were well restored, invisible from the front and the canvas was stretched on the old chassis by tension bands.
We have plenty of eyes !
I chose to present it without frame to leave the choice to its future owner.
Early nineteenth.

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