The harbour

Gisèle Ferrandier

1909 – 1990

Gisèle Ferrandier de Laprade  “Trawler in the port / Young Moroccan women in the oasis” oil on canvas on both sides 65 X 81 cm, mounted in a gray baguette frame 83 X 98 cm.
Treated with large colorful and suggestive touches, this port is extremely modern and cheerful.
Circa 1950/60.
Close to those artists who were called “of poetic reality” or “The children of Matisse”, such Brianchon, Oudot, Cavaillès, Planson or Legueult whose works she owned, she was never officially part of the group and theirs. exhibitions, perhaps a victim of being a woman (a handicap in the art world at the time and sometimes even today!) and especially of her many travels, from which she brought back many paintings whose style gradually evolved from ‘a “classic” 1930 with abstraction through these blazes of color serving for example his landscapes of Morocco, Spain or the South or on his dazzling still lifes.
Her works are present in many museums and large collections and she was crowned with a retrospective exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris in 1970.
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