Pair paintings : Parisians scènes


Pair of oils on canvas 33 X 46 cm approximately, mounted by asymmetrical Marie-Louis in gilded rocailles frames 58 X 72 cm a little broken.
I know nothing about this Chevalier, which is strange because, in view of his talent, one might have thought of a recognized artist.
Contemporary with other specialists in the genre (the study of the marks of the canvases make us date them between 1907 and 1911) such as Galien-Laloue or Edouard Cortès to the point that one could think of a pseudonym of a painter under contract like the regularly did the first although the style is more reminiscent of the second, but I do not remember that Nicole Verdier alludes to it in the excellent works she has devoted to it …
Still, these nocturnal views, the one in the snow with the Tour Saint-Jacques in the background and the other on a Boulevard opening onto a door, richly animated, are lovely. Do not hesitate to ask us for photos or additional information by email or phone.

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