Tree portrait

French school beginning the 19th

Watercolor 41 X 34 cm, circa 1830, mounted by a marie-louise with bevel gilded in a frame of the time with very beautiful gilding 58 X 49 cm (very small accidents).
It is a tradition to represent extraordinary trees in landscapes …
This was particularly the case in the nineteenth century, their romantic connotation stimulating artists, with works by Corot, Theodore Rousseau, Courbet, even photographers such as Le Gray, among others, for the famous ones, but many less known painters or draftsmen have exercised with talent …
I had fun keeping them when I found them and gradually take them out of my cartons when I find a frame adapted.
The watercolor that I present today dates around 1830’s, and shows us a multi-centennial tree (ash?), certainly ripped open by lightning and whose large branches were sawn.
The deep wound, splitting the sapwood to the heart gives a dramatic look to the work, exacerbating its romantic side.
Anonymous, but an annotation “G. Keller Paris “on the back, signature or name of the older owner, I do not know.
Do not hesitate to ask us by email or phone for additional information or photos.

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