Very big bouquet of roses

Blanche Odin


Watercolor 56 X 75 cm, it is presented in its old reverse-slope frame painted green and gold 73 X 94 cm.

If Redouté was the greatest watercolorist of flowers of the first half of the 19th century, Blanche Odin  is the largest of the first half of the 20th century. If, of course, it is her roses that have assured so well  her reputation, she excelled in representations of all kinds of flowers as  you can be seen in the excellent works of Monique Pujo-Monfran or visiting the museum Salies de Bagneres de Bigorre.

We are proud to present today this exceptional watercolor of red roses presented in a blue and white glazed ceramic vase, a cup of water used to moisten the petals next to it serves as a pretext for a game of transparencies and reflections true poetic demonstration of the artist’s talent to make mossy roses, variations of red hues enhanced with indigo in the shadows, in the fallen petals or reflections on the vase …
A museum piece.
Certificate of Monique Pujo-Monfran, expert of the Artist.
Museum glass and neutral pH cardboard.
We are specialists of the artist and present them permanently.
Do not hesitate to ask for photos or additional information by mail or phone.

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