Large Anglo-saxon portrait circa 1820

American or british school beginning 19th century

oil on walnut panel beveled approximately 77 X 62 cm,  with a sober frame with oak groove 92 X 79

This extraordinary portrait was made around 1820 by an English or American artist, close to Raeburn or Scott. If we ignore for the moment the identity of the model, it is obviously a very important person, a Lord or a High Dignitary, as indicated by the way of representing in front of a red hanging, the hand in support around what seems to be a cane.
We will particularly appreciate the treatment of the light shirt, treated with a single brush stroke of an incredible accuracy, or the buttons that, in apparent simplicity nonetheless reveals shadows and reflections …
It represents a man of a sixty year, with a clear complexion and a very light blue, very penetrating, a look of husky … A strange wick connected by a ring seems to come out of her hair.
The panel is cussonned at the back on the sides (sapwood), but few holes are through, and a long retraction slot leaves vertically from the top and crosses the ear … Painting museum or …  collection !
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