Rose’s portrait

Daniel Casey


Oil on canvas 73 X 60 cm, mounted in a very beautiful original frame with channels (restored) 98 X 83 cm.
Okay, okay, I took the liberty of giving her that first name when I don’t know anything about the identity of the model, but I like to think that the Artist had fun putting this little bouquet in her hair of his young and charming model as an allusion to his first name, especially since, during a succession, he had escaped me through the division, being pending with another that I had been able to have and that I I baptized “Portrait of Marguerite” for the same reasons …
And if this is not the case, too bad !
Daniel Casey was born in Bordeaux to Irish parents, but he studied art in Antwerp at the same time as his friend Ford Madox Brown, the famous pre-Raphaelic painter, before returning to France where he was divided between his hometown and Paris. where he was a regular exhibitor at the Salon. Close to artists like Winterhalter and even Couture in his portraits, he sublimates his models with a touch that is both vaporous and precise, highlighting the silk satin as much as the complexion of the flesh.
I think this young woman was part of the upper middle class of Bordeaux because the supplier of canvas “A la Palette du Titien” was located in Cours de l’Intendance and he exhibited at the Salon of this city many times.
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