engraved plate

Seventieth century

Italian school propably. Copper plate


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Pedestal Element Of Crucifix

Pedestal Element Of Crucifix In Intarsia XVIIth Northern Italy Although fragmentary and presenting lacks and accidents, this element is

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Art-Nouveau garden

Large Art-Nouveau planter in silvered metal by Victor Saglier Silvered metal circa 1890, 12 X 39 X 18 cm, complete with its tray with its rings,

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Damasquine box

Silver Damasquine Iron Box 18.8 X 4.7 X 13.4 cm, Middle East, circa 1930. A light cleaning was enough for this lovely box with the slightly domed

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Assembly of underwater excavation objects

Assembly Of Underwater Excavation Objects “Underwater Archeology III” Assembly of original parts from South-East Asia (Vietnam?) Crockery, bowl,

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Divinatory calendar Batak Indonesia

Bamboo cylinder 34.7 high by 6.5 cm in diameter, base 8 cm in diameter. The succession of our Pau scholar has led us to many researches to

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Gogotte of Fontainebleau

Silica 17 X 10 X 10 cm approximately Real natural sculptures, the gogottes of Fontainebleau are only found in France in a geological layer called

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Elephant and baby elephant

Bronze and nuts 4.8 X 6.5 X 6.5 cm approximately. I really like this type of composite curiosity, much rarer than if it were in bronze only.

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Spray perfume bronze and shell

19th Spray Total height 20 cm. In the register ” curiosities” and from the same collection as our elephants “walnut”, I

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(Français) Miniature : portrait de jeune fille

French school end 19th century Cardboard 6.6X5.3 cm, frame 10.5 x 8.2 cm. Superb impressionist portrait which I acquired twenty years ago, and

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Large Vallauris flowerpot

Delphin Massier This big flowerpot (27 X 35 cm!) Is the work of an illustrious member of a famous family of ceramists from Vallauris who produced

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